Our Produce

At Lenzenhuber Farms we grow produce in raised beds. For the 2017 season we will grow a wider selection of produce. Please watch for us at nearby farmers markets. You can get some idea of our selection of produce by taking a look at the selection below. 

Our Pastured-Chickens

Lenzenhuber Farms will again for the 2017 season be raising pastureed meat chickens. There is nothing like pastured chickens raised in open-bottom pens. The pens are moved daily allowing the chickens to graze and eat bugs, but keeping them safe from preditors.  This method of raising chickens produces a wholesome, chemical-free chicken.   You can really taste the difference! We will post processing dates and you may order your chickens at our booth at the farmers market.

  • Whole chickens
  • Check back for processing dates
  • Bring a cooler with ice to keep your chickens cool for the trip home

Our Pastured Rabbits    Currently SOLD OUT of Rabbit 

Our fryer rabbits are also raied in the outdoor "grazing pens".  This wire bottomed cage which allows the rabbits to eat the lush grass, clover and dandelions they enjoy.  We also feed them oats and alfalfa hay to balance their diet.  

Rabbit is a very healthy meat.  It is lean and the fat is not ditributed within the meat.  Rabbit meat is also low in cholesterol and low sodium.

Our Fruit and Vegetables

We supply a whole range of fresh fruits and vegetables in season. You won't find anything this delicious in a supermarket!

  Lettuce Spinach Tomatoes Cucmbers Raddishes Peppers more!